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Business Line Directory is a Social Networking Business Directory, promoting local businesses with a spam free and innovative on-line business advertising & networking solution. You can add a free listing or take advance of our professional marketing package at an affordable price point and raise above your competitors. You can add reviews and ratings to increase sales and build brand loyalty.

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Advertising of the future is on-line and social. Promote your services with BizLD's local place listing.

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Whether you are running a small, local or global business you can grow lasting relationships with your customers, right here! Social media marketing is the most efficient successful way of generating new leads, but being found is number one, by using our tools such as local place listings, ratings & reviews, blogs, walls, timelines, video marketing & photo uploads. You can share products, services and ideas, gain customer experience along the way and let social media lead you.

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Create social networks for discreet or public interaction. Connect with colleagues,, share information in real time.

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